Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kaci calls it frozen hell!

So, all you okies out there reading this probably think your weather problems are the worst out there right? I agree, they are pretty bad, but take a look at what I woke up two days ago...

I took that picture because I woke up to find that Zachary had so generously and without prompting, washed my car. Sweet, right? Well, this is what I woke up to today...

Need I say more?

Marley..not the "and me" kind..

I thought I would introduce the world to our cat, I mean dog. He was a rescue. His original owner found him and his litter still in the sac from the wound in a garbage can. He was the only one still living! We have had him almost a year now, and can't imagine life without him. He is soo sweet and lovable. Everyone who meets him falls in love with his sweet nature. We call him cat dog because he lays on the back of the couch, and lays back into you when you hold him! It's hilarious! He is half weenie dog, and part beagle, so he howls like a beagle, but has the coloring of a weenie. My dad thinks he must have been a pharoh in a past life, because he acts so spoiled! I'm sure that has nothing to do with Zachary catering to his every whim! So, that's Marley in a nut shell! I am sure I'll blog about him again..he has a big personality.
P.S. Thanks to Dale, Heather, Gabriella, and Sylvie for dog-sitting while we house shopped last weekend! Love ya

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I guess I have a lot of catching up to do since my baby is not 4. (4 and 3/4 if you ask him), I have a lot to blog about! Andrew Blaine was born on May 5, 2005 at Lakeside Women's clinic. LOVE that place, btw, if you are in the market to deliver a baby, it's outstanding! But, I digress. I absolutely loved being a pregger, and got very sad around 34 weeks when I realized that he would be removed from my body soon, and I would have to share him with the world. I still feel that way! I want him all to myself and never like it when we are apart for any given amount of time. I do love my breaks, but prefer short ones!
He has been the biggest challegne in my life and has brought me the most pleasure! I love him more than anything and am lucky God chose me to be his mommy.


Julie is my best friend in school and beyond. She has been a life saver this year and I am so thankful to have her to complain to! Anyone who has been through nursing school knows there is a lot of that going on! She makes me feel like a little kid again, and that is my favorite thing about her! We are always laughing, being dieters (or not) together, studying, and then laughing some more! I love that she wants to hug everyone, and will do absolutely anything for me. Plus she loves my man, and my kid, so that makes her A-okay in my book. So, this blog is for you, Julie Ann Bevacqua...thank you for being you and getting me through school with sanity intact. (mostly.) Love ya

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

School, school, school

So, today I have a Psychology test, and two homework assignments due. Dreary I did well on my Peds test, 85%, not great, but not bad either. Zack delivered a baby within the first hour of being at work, and said it wasn't too bad! I think that's awesomeness, but he is just not that into this rotation. I think he could do without looking at the female anatomy in that way all day long!!
Andrew is as funny as ever. Case in point: "Help! My toy is broked and I need a doctor!"-Andrew
Love that little guy!
I do plan on delving into my psyche and making this blog interesting. Just ain't gonna happen today! Until then...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Starting up...

Okay, bear with me as I get this whole blogging thing down! I get asked almost daily (mostly from Zack!) why I haven't started a blog yet, so today I am taking the plunge. Feels almost like walking outside naked or something..all my inner most secrets reveled for those willing to read them. Scary! But I hear it's therapeutic at the least, so that sounds appealing. I also read on some random blog I frequent that you can make a book out of your blogs, so that sent me to bloggyland. What a great gift to give Andrew one day. Way better than a journal because here you get to include pictures! Yea! So, I guess I'll just write about what is going on in my crazy world and not worry about who is reading my thoughts! Today, I have a Pediatric test, #3. Got a 100% on the first one, and a 77% on the second one! Wow, that is not a good way to get started. I'll kill this one, though. I also started a no desserts fast February1st-28th. Why you ask? Craziness? Stupidity? Yes, a little of both! I just want to feel light and free from my sugar addiction. So, I figured, a jump start to that would be a good idea. I'm an all or nothing kind of gal. Andrew is eating breakfast, and Zachary is on his very first day of OB/GYN. Poor guy. Hope he survives! Can't wait to blog more later, but I better get to studying for that darn Peds test. Later!