Saturday, May 8, 2010

When catdogs get mad

They follow you into the computer room, and make a very large production out of turning around to not be seen by you as they pout. Deserving of a treat, right? Well, that is certainly what he was hoping would come of this little spectacle. And I would be telling lies if I said it didn't work. That dog has us both tied around his big floppy ears.

What you'll find...

..any given night at my house. I know..cue the pity.


Andrew has combined daddy with zacky and I think the result is pretty special! Love these two!!

Bowling Party!

Be prepared for picture over load! I had Kaci and Medicine Man on the job of making my baby boy's 5th birthday party a lasting memory..and boy did they! Andrew had a great time! It was short..just 2 hours, with great pizza, and sweet with a car cake, made by yours truly. Couldn't have asked for a better group of peeps to spend time with..even though there were some very absent g-ma's, mimi's, papa's, cousins, etc. They were definitely missed!

(Medicine man says in the war of WO-man -vs- WO-man won!!!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Dinner

All the people who thought they were just drinking cold ones at the mexican restaurant last night, had another celebration worth toasting to! Medicine man caught the bday song on video, but my computer is playing hard to get..hopefully, I can figure it out and upload it later. The crowd went wild, Andrew got up in his chair, and the server wiped wipped cream all over his face! It was pretty cute!!

Teacher Appreciation Day

"You deserve chocolate!!"

"My teacher is AW-esome!!"

This week we thanked Andrew's teachers for always treating him like one of their own even when he acted like a wild unruley animal. :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daily humor

Andrew: "Mommy, what does chat mean?"

Me: "I have no idea what you are saying?"

Andrew: Does it mean,'I'm gonna have a talk with your mom?'"

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! After 5 minutes of recomposure, " does. what did you do?"

Maybe you had to be there..funny! Promise!

Andrew: "Can I tell you when I'm done?" (What he always yells on the way to potty, so I can follow closely and wipe for him).

Andrew: "Wait..I'm 5 now...I gotta do it all by myself." Nebermind mom. :)

Happy Birthaday!!

Today is Cinco de Mayo, but most importantly, it is my son's birthday! He is 5 today on 5-5! I took some phone pictures last night to represent the last day my baby would ever be 4...very bittersweet! Last year, I was devasted when he turned 4. I cried like a baby because he seemed to be getting so big so fast. This year, though, I feel really good about him getting older. He is so proud of all his accomplishments, as am I. Andrew's interests are as follows at 5 year exactly.
1. Trains..all things Thomas the Train and others, as well. Passing train tracks is like finding gold, and actually seeing a moving train? Well, that's just the best thing ever!
2.Cars..especially Nascar! He loves to sit on the couch and watch it with medicine man. In fact, it's the longest he will sit without fidgeting around..ever.period.
Every truck that resembles a nascar driver's car is fair game to have a mild freak out and a legnthy conversation about what number that driver is, what color his car is, how fast he goes, and who goes faster..or not. He especially loves racing Nascar cars on his XBOX! He would do it while sleeping if I let him!
3. Numbers..this has only recently started, but boy is he making up for lost time. OBSESSED does not begin to describe Andrew's feelings about numbers. He already counts by 10's to 100, and can look at any number and tell you what it is. Meaning, for instance, 101 is not one o, it's one hundred and one! Smart boy!
4.Jeans..this year Andrew has decided jeans are cool and everything else is not. To the point of wild throw himself on the floor if he doesn't get to wear them fits!! If you are wearing your jeans, then you are in the cool club. Literally, according to my angel.
5.I love you's. Everyone in the house gets an, "I love you!" from Andrew at least every 4.2 minutes, and as much as it interrupts conversations and tv shows, we wouldn't change a thing! (And just like clock work, I just got "interrupted" from typing by my sweet son coming to crawl up in my lap, and tell me he loves me!) It's no wonder, he owns my heart.
I could go on and on, but that would be a novel, and I hit the highlights!
Five years ago, my sweet bubby entered the universe and the universe was forever changed for the better. This life is what it is because of his presence, and that is the gift he has given me. Thank you Andrew Blaine for making me humble, and brave, and special, and most important..a mommy. Happy Birthday my angel. XOXO

Shhh...don't tell what's there..he hasn't seen his presents yet! And yes, that's Christmas wrapping paper! Don't judge..improvision is what parenting is all about, right?