Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rainy daze

This is what cold, rainy weather has reduced us to. Xbox racing and Beverly Hills 90210 re-runs. I'm sooo ready for some sunshine. Oh, and my color blind son's favorite part of any day is dressing himself. I love him so much.

A random post

I forgot about this picture on my Easter blog. I was kinda bummed, I had on scrubs from clinicals and medicine man had on packing and cleaning house clothes,(yes, he does that..I'm soo lucky), so Andrew was the only one dressed. We cheesed it anyway, though!
Side note: Andrew's hair looks's not. I don't know why the sun captured that look, but in person its blonde.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great News!

Zack gets to come back home tonight and do his rotation in Akron!! Yea for me, no missing my medicine this month!! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cookie Decorating!

Hoppy Easter, part 2

Jon, Kaci, and Elly, Andrew's sweetheart, came over for cookie decorating and egg hunting. And man, the competition was fierce! Andrew has a few scratches from the battle! The weather was perfect, the company was perfect, and overall it was just a perfect day! I hope everyone had a great day, too!

Hoppy Easter, part 1

Andrew woke up very excited! He must have been dreaming about the Easter bunny, because I didn't even have to remind him. First thing out of his mouth was, "Happy Easter, Mommy!" I had to go to clinicals at 10, so we opened candy and games, then I went straigh to get ready. Medicine man and Andrew spent the afternoon getting ready for company (Hoppy Easter, part 2), and packing. Everyone, all four of you who read this, please take a moment of silence for pity...I'm gonna miss my Zacky this month! Cincinnati is one lucky hospital to be getting medicine man, just wish I didn't have to miss him in the process. We'll see him on the weekends, so that will be good. AND it's just a month!! Our military families do it for much longer than that, so I think I'll stop complaining!