Friday, February 26, 2010

Marley being..well, Marley

Marley is a hound dog at in point! **Don't you love the ears back look?


Well, if Andrew ever wanted a career in women's softball as a pitcher, I think he would be their man. And, Yes, it is the middle of winter, and yes my son is wearing shorts and no shirt. I pick my battles!

Andrew got a "badge" in a valentine's day card, that we punched out and he wore around the house for about a minute while I managed to grab my camera. He then took it off and taped it to the door. As long as he doesn't attempt stickers on walls or doors, I guess I'm okay!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NEOUCOM Graduation

The fam

Zachary and Bubs

More of the fam :)

Zachary=happy MD

Getting his "sash"

Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine 2009 was a great day..Zack's family came into town and stayed a week. We celebrated, ate, and celebrated some more. We miss them, and wish they could visit more often. Everyone was so proud of Zachary, and it was truly a great week. I just wanted to blog about it so I can publish these memories. Ahh..

**You'll notice there are no pictures of me..I looked AWFUL that day, but it didn't keep me from being happy for my baby!

Andrew the "p.i.m.p"

So these aren't the cutest pics of my sweetie, (he is so much cuter with his hair fixed..he looks like a ragamuffin with it a mess!) but they are hilarious! Andrew was changing in and out of clothes and Zachary put on an old gold chain and sent him out to me..well, lets just say, it was funny! Actually, funny was an understatement and after I composed myself, I ran for the camera!