Friday, April 20, 2012

Bruce lee watch out!

Proud mama right here! Andrew had his first karate tournament last Saturday, and he did great! He won gold in both of his categories! I was so nervous for him, because if you've ever been around karate folk, you know they are pretty formal. We prepared very well, but you just never know with a 6 yr old how things will go! Plus, Zack couldn't come, because he was at work; ah, the life of a resident...takes single parenting to a whole new level! I deserve my own gold medal, ha! Anyway, he was the picture of perfection! He qualified for regionals in May in Chicago!


When I was pregnant with Presley, I wondered how her birth would change my feelings for Andrew. I ache for him to be a baby again. To smell his sweet head, hold his dimpled fingers, play with his feet, hear him belly laugh, etc. He has grown way too fast. He has basically not needed me much since he stopped nursing at 10 months. He is so independent, and not a super cuddly little boy, (at least not as much as I would need to get my fill), so I spend most of my time yearning for the baby he once was! Don't get me wrong..I'm loving the little boy he's becoming, but there's nothing like your first baby. Well, at first, I was so consumed with my newborn that I kept my head really full of her, and didn't have room to ache for him as much. Now that we are getting into a routine (somewhat), and I have a clearer head, I've decided that having her, makes me miss him so much more. Every little thing she does, reminds me of him. It's a constant reminder to be present and stay focused on what is important. Today is a gift. Plain and simple. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


You guessed it..going back to work! Only part part time though, for now. I have a feeling once I get there, I'll get the "bug" (not a bug..I do work at a hospital!), but THE bug; the work bug that is. My socializing, making a difference, feeling useful tank will be filled...and it all starts this Saturday! Wish me luck...and poor Zack; I know I'll be calling every 5 minutes!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Presley-lisious is 2 months!

Presley, you are 2 months old! Actually, you are a little older, but I'm a procrastinator, and just now getting around to writing this! A couple of nights ago, you slept for 8 hours! The next night, you slept for 7.5, and the following (last night), you slept for 6...I'm hoping you don't keep getting fewer and fewer stretches! I'm kinda liking this sleep thing! You are such a happy little girl! Smiles are coming all the time now, and it's quite a sight to see your brother, daddy, and I stand around making loud pitched noises and faces in an attempt to see you smile! You spent last night laying in the bassinet practicing your speaking skills with the ceiling fan! It seems the fan gets the most reaction from you, despite our crazy attempts! You have this thing with pooping. Or rather, not pooping. You only go every 7-9 days! It was pretty scary for the first few weeks, wondering if something is wrong with you, but we've all come to the conclusion that this is your norm. Your pediatrician says you are just using every single bit of nutrition, with little to no excess. I consider myself blessed for not having had any poop issues with you outside of the house, or in the middle of the night, but I just hope this isn't a precusor for problems down the road. You are showing how much you love to be held. I've finally figured out exactly how you prefer to be held, and we spend many hours walking around to keep you happy! There's no question you are the boss, already! Of course, the first time I ducked on my hands and knees by the pack and play, so you wouldn't see me, was the first time I realized just how wrapped you had me! Life is so sweet now... I see a new aspect of Andrew's personality. He is so sweet with you, and asks to hold you every single day. He is a very good big brother, and he takes that job very seriously! I know he is very proud of you! Here's to many many more months to come! I can't wait!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Presley Right Now

Presley, right now I'm writing this on my phone, not an easy thing to do) bc daddy has the computer at work, and I don't wanna forget this moment! You are laying in your bassinet by the bed. I've been trying to get you to sleep for 3 hours!!! You wont sleep!! Well, I've decided to let you stir a minute and see what you do...and you're in there practicing talking!! I have heard that when babies learn a new trick, they have trouble sleeping because they "practice" their new skills. Well, you are doing just that! I LOVE to hear your sweet voice! I know it'll never get old! You are such a sweet, tender hearted baby already. You stick out your bottom lip when you're sad, and you have the most precious cry. I've never heard anything like it! Your big brother had a sweet cry, too, but his was much more persistent! He wanted what he wanted and he wanted it now! You, on the other hand, are much more patient with me! I can't wait for each day when you wake's better than Christmas! I have never been so happy, and full of bliss. I had Andrew, and daddy, and now I have you too!

I just had to post a couple pics of the sweet girl!