Friday, November 18, 2011

A Wedding

My friend, Michelle, mentioned at work yesterday that she liked my wedding got me thinking. I haven't posted about it here!
Zack and I got married June 25, 2010 after a very long engagement! We gave ourselves and family 2 weeks notice because we realized we had a window where we would both be out of school and work long enough to do it. That didn't give our family or friends much time to prepare, and we were doing it out of state, so that didn't help either! Luckily, the parents and grandparents were able to make it, and it was a very special, magical day.
We married near Branson, Missouri at a bed and breakfast. The setting was ideal, and it was very low key, which is very much our relationship.
The photographer's CD won't load proberly on my computer, (maybe I don't have the right software??), so these are just some shots we took with our own camera.
I found my dress and jewelry at Limited, three days before the ceremony, and did my own hair to save $$. My hair didn't turn out quite how I had anticipated, but that's what you get when you attempt it yourself!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Maternity/Family Pictures

Last Sunday we went to Ault park in Cincinnati and had our first ever family shots! We've had pictures, but not professional ones, so this was a treat! It's something that Zack is warming up to now that our family is expanding. He's never been a big fan of paying for something he thinks our camera can capture just as well. I think he finally gets it!! These pictures are great, and I'm so excited to get the rest! I just wish my face weren't so full. I know it's just a side effect of pregnancy, but come on....put the water where people can't see it, like my ankles!! Here we are at 24 weeks pregnant with baby #2!

All pictures done by Check her out if you are in the Cincinnati area!