Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wedding dress


Family time

I have no reason for these pictures other than I am missing my family soo much! I have the greatest parents in the world, and the sweetest most supportive siblings, and extended family. Miss you guys so much! XOXO

P.S. My niece, Rachel Christian Carr, graduated High School this year from Central in Colorado and since I am in school, I could not make her graduation. I am so proud of her. She is the most special girl in the whole world. She has a huge part of my heart, and I miss her terribly. She's the perfect little Indian princess with beautiful blue eyes. A sweet soul...LOVE you little (big) girl! Love Aunt Cam
**Wish I had a picture on my computer of her!!!

Thank heavens for Papa's love!

Because if he didn't love medicine man very much...we would be down a house full of furniture, plus one hole in the wall, minus one pig's head, plus one smelly garage, minus 3 fans, plus 4 brass light fixtures, and minus some great memories! You had to be there, but the jist goes something like this...Thank you Papa!!!!! You are a life saver!! Come back, please!!! I promise to glue your hiney to the couch!! Love you to pieces!!


When Marley wants something...always...Marley usually gets it. He has staring down to an art. Julie was his latest victim.

Making lemons out of lemonade

Or in this case, cute shorts out of not so cute knee shorts. Zaddy got in on the fun. He is too much sometimes. Notice the tan line! It's from ONE DAY in the sun today on the golf course. Did you hear what I said people?? ONE DAY! I spent two looong days swimming under the sunlight and came home with what appears to be a shadow on my chest. GRRR!

Playing catch

So, the other night, Zaddy told Andrew to go get his mitt so we could play catch. This is how he came back and ready to go...and don't think for one minute after we stopped laughing at him that we dared to hurt his feelings by correcting him! No, just played ball with mitts on. :)

Oh, and for some reason the one shirt that Andrew has on in all these posts have been the same one...I swear the kid has tons of cute new outfits for summer...somehow, though, when we go to do something, this shirt ends up on him once again! My great friend, Kristi, gave it to us 2 years ago, and Andrew recently re-discovered it! I guess kids like what they like!

Just one of the two of us!

Everyone should have a catdog in their life.

And everyone should be lucky enough to have a Zaddy in theirs as well. Glad Andrew and I do!

Be my guest!

"Just do it, it'll be fine; all moms cut their little boys hair." Zaddy said this before the last butchering that took place when I got a hold of the clippers. After seeing the mess I created, he took over for me when he saw me getting them out again tonight! "Go right can do it better than me. :)"-ME
P.S. Is it just me, or is that the sweetest thing you have ever seen in your whole life?

5 years

Can it still be called a well baby visit if your baby is getting his 5 year check up?? Probally not...humm...well, anyway, it went well. Andrew has better than perfect vision, perfect hearing, I had to double check that she had that right!! He is a skinny guy, but we knew that! Overall, perfect until the 4 IM shots in the legs!! OUCH! You know the ones like a flu shot in the arm that hurts for days? Yeah, well he limped around all pitiful like for about two days, and got some bruising around his eyes from crying so hard, but he is in perfect health, and is ready to start kindergarten!

Catching up!

I have been a very bad blogger lately. I owe my mil an apology because she loves to check in and see what we have been up to, and I haven't been delivering! These past few weeks have been go go go! School up to my eye balls and on the weekends, long trips to our new house in Kentucky! We have been getting good use of our season passes to Kings Island. This past weekend, Andrew and I went down to the water park Friday and Saturday, (Zaddy had to work.) We had a blast! Good times! These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when I got to go on a date with Kaci, and got pedicures and mexican!! Love that girl...anyway, Zack took Andrew to a double header Akron Aeros baseball game. I joined them at the end and soaked up the fresh cut grass smell, the laughter of my boy as he played with the other kids, and the snug arm around my cold shoulders...summer had officially begun!