Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Complicated...

...being a cat in a dog's body. Here is our catdog trying to squeeze in through the now torn screen door. Oui.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Long time no talk!

Okay, so sorry to the 3 of you who read my blog, but I've been soo busy! I mean really, really busy. I flew out on Thrusday (after class) spent 36 hours in oklahoma, and returned 9:30 Saturday night with Andrew (yea!) and then had to get up at 6AM for a 12 hour clinical. Had case studies and homework due Monday and Tuesday, had a paper due, had a test on Monday....whew! I'm tired just talking about it!! My baby made it up to me on Sunday night, though and took me to CiCi's. Yum-O!! So the latest on the house..did I tell you we got the house? The square one that needs some curb appeal? Well, we did, and now they want us to fix some things before we can get the loan. The bank sent out their own appraiser, who said before we can qualify for the loan on this particular house we must do the following: sod the portion of the backyard that is without grass, (mind you, we are going to put a deck there eventually, so why spend $$ to sod??), put steps off the back porch, (fine, no problem, there), finish the backsplach (the previous owner only put up half before giving up), and replace the flooring downstairs!! REALLY?? Can't we just live there and get settled, then replace the floors? They are fine for now, and with closing costs, how do we have the $$ to fork over more $$ for floors!!! And get this, we won't even own the house when we do these things, so if something happens and we don't get the house, (can't imagine that happening, but stranger things have), then we have thrown away $$ on a house that we won't even own!!!! Why does backsplash need to be replaced? Has anyone ever experienced this? Anyone know the reason behind it?? If you know, please let me know, because it makes nnnnnnnoooooooooo sense to me!

On another note, my son is back and things are returning to normal around here! The weather is perfect outside today, so medicine man, andrew, and I are parkin' it! Have a great April Fool's Day!!