Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Day of First Grade!

"If I close my eyes, can you still see me?"

"Don't expect me to do this waving thing everyday!"
Ahh, kids...don't ya just love when the appease you? He has been in school for a few weeks now, and hasn't waved to one time since the first day. Little rascal!

Baby bump progress

Tomorrow I will be 17 weeks, so I'm due another picture, but I thought I'd get caught up before delivery!! I'm noticing a trend with all my pictures: I don't look any bigger in my stomach, but my face seems to be getting bigger. Hum?? That makes for a beautiful lady, huh? I'm so loving this second trimester. I'm finally starting to feel human again, and enjoy this expanding waist line. It's officially the countdown to the gender reveal...9 days!! Can't wait!! I have some serious shopping to do!!