Thursday, March 8, 2012

Presley licious is One Month!

Presley is up from a birth weight of 5.9 to 7.3 lbs! She's a growing girl! Here are a few pics of my angel. I'm working on getting her birth story written, but there's just so much I want to say, I can't do it in all one sitting! Presley just recently learned she has a voice, and boy o' boy does she use it! She's still very easy going, but knows how to let us know when she needs something! She's still in preemie/newborn clothes, and I'm looking forward to getting her up to 0-3 mo b/c I have so many cute things for her to wear! Life is blissdom, sleep deprived and all. Only concern is that she doesn't poop very often. 7-8 times total in her whole life. I've called the Dr's office many times, and made a couple extra visits. They assure me that she's fine, but if she doesn't poop by day 8 this time (Monday), then we are going to get an xray and possibly a barium enema to rule out Hirschsprungs's disease. Prayers needed! I don't think that's her problem, I think she's just using up all her calories to grow and grow, but it's a little nerve racking for sure.


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