Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby girl is a growin'

So, it always seems so silly to post updates with pictures, since everyone I know who reads the blog, also happens to be a friend on FB, but none the less, I'm gonna do it just in case! I am currently 23w5d preggo with baby #2, a sweet little girl. I have a few pics the hubby took of me, but the real maternity shots come in a few days! Can't wait..strangely enough, the man of the house was more interested in getting pics done than I was! I'm not looking forward to seeing myself blown up more than I already am, but I'll be glad I did them one day when I'm skinny again! I gained 6 lbs this week...guess I should keep my hand out of my son't candy box!!

19 weeks 2 days
21 weeks
Oh, and I chopped off 12 inches of hair!! How's that for ragin' pregnancy hormones?! I am loving the quicker blow dry, plus my man is a short hair kinda guy, so he's happy!


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