Thursday, September 15, 2011

My version of Sleeping Beauty

He may not be sleeping in a bed of roses or have long flowing locks, but in my eyes, he is just as beautiful.
He had a near fatal crash tonight. Really it was nowhere near fatal, but to this mama, seeing my son hit the back of a car on his bike was almost just as dramatic. Alright, now I sound like the dramatic one, but was traumatic for me. I've spent most of the night sitting by his bed watching him sleep just thanking God that I don't have more serious concerns about his health. I don't take our health for granted and because of that, I am always reminding myself how fleeting life is and how it can be taken at any moment. I haven't decided if my outlook is good, or it would be better to stick my head in the sand and pretend that disease and addiction and fear don't exist? Maybe somewhere in the middle would be a great place to spend my days. Hugging my sweets a little tighter, but now dwelling on the fear.


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