Sunday, April 18, 2010


I LOVE BOOTS! I own 7 pair and would wear them year round if it were not a fashion no no. So, when my mom and I went to the Shoe Gallery in OKC last month, you can guess where I was headed! I was supposed to be looking for wedding shoes, and I found some, but couldn't decide if it was smart to pick the style of shoe before I even have the dress. Well, what I found next blew wedding preparations out of the water! The most perfect brown "riding" boots in the world!! I say, "riding," because I have never even been on a horse. BUT, if I were..I now had found the perfect boots for such an occasion! I think the point is to give the illusion of riding a horse, even thought everyone knows you don't ride in a fabulous silk shirt from Limited. I had to be very careful how I apporached my mom to lure her into also thinking these boots were the best thing since sliced bread. So, I began by casusally mentioning how I had been searching for the perfect brown boot for like 7 years, and how they just don't exist, except on other people's feet, who always say they have had them for years and I couldn't possibly still find them. See, these boots have to be feminine, but not girly, brown, but not tan or too dark. They have to be 100% leather, comfortable, not $300, and they have to move me. By this time, my very clever mom had my scheme all figured out and said, "what's in it for me?" NO WORRIES! I had already come up with the perfect bribe...a one hour massage!! "Really?" she exclaimed!! Really. Done!! Don't tell her I would have done 2!

Pictures do not do them justice. I promise they are soo cute in person!

I don't know why boots are so important to me other then the fact that I'm a girl, and I like options! :) I even wore these darn things to the Old Navy sale Saturday morning with shorts! Gasp! Zack said I looked uber fabulous in my khaki green shorts and navy shirt. Okay, he didn't use those exact words, but that's how I took it! And, when everyone stared at my fabulous outfit, he helped convince me that they were staring at the fabulous boots, and not my choice of outfits!

Closest any of us have come to a horse!


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