Monday, March 22, 2010


ON!! We bought the square house, had an inspection already, and it all went fabulous! The house is only 2 years old so we didn't expect anything to be wrong, but you just never know. The seller painted the interior all Pottery Barn colors, which is good. We are going to work on the landscaping first and get the curb appeal up some. Andrew's new kindergarten had registration the very day we were in town, and so we got him enrolled! He is staying this week at my mom's, so I have to miss him a tad longer. I hate that my baby is always having to say good-bye to people he loves. I miss my parents as well, but I am flying home on Thursday to get him, so I'll get to see them some. On another note, today medicine man and I have been engaged for 3 years!! Yea! We took this last weekend in Cincinnati as our anniversary present to each other, and had a blast celebrating buying our first home, and making it all these years! Love you babe.


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